Obama’s more realist approach “could theoretically be whatever

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In a world of American media displaying never ending coverage of ISIS beheadings, how many politicians say “I’ll be damned” if Americans lead the fight against ISIS?

canadian goose jacket Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate to win the Congressional Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. canadian goose jacket

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compete to sound more hawkish, only Bernie Sanders says, “I’ll be damned if kids in the state of Vermont or taxpayers in the state of Vermont have to defend the royal Saudi family, which is worth hundreds Canada Goose Outlet of billions of dollars.”

When people like Paul Krugman evaluate Bernie Sanders and Clinton, the feasibility of a single payer program is scrutinized, but money spent funding perpetual wars never seems to canada goose clearance be evaluated. In terms of interest alone canada goose for both Iraq and Afghanistan, Brown University’s Cost of War canada goose coats on sale states, “By 2054, cheap Canada Goose interest costs will themselves be at least $7.9 trillion unless the US changes the way that it pays canada goose outlet for buy canada goose jacket the wars.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap Remember the war tax you paid to fund Iraq? Of course not. national security stem from the Bush Administration, and the Democrats who sided with these neocons. Unlike Clinton, who views her Iraq Vote as simply a “mistake,” https://www.getcanadagooseoutlet.com Bernie Sanders possessed enough wisdom to evaluate the same intelligence Clinton now blames for her mistake. buy canada goose jacket cheap

One look at what Bernie Sanders warned in 2002 illustrates his unique status among American politicians. Here’s his speech opposing the Iraq War, and ask yourself how much of today’s world Sanders was able to foresee:

Mr. Speaker, in the brief time I have, let me give five reasons why I am opposed to giving the President a blank check to launch a unilateral invasion and occupation of Iraq and why I will vote against this resolution.

canada goose black friday sale One, I have not heard any estimates of how many young American men and women might die in such a war or how many tens of thousands of women and children in Iraq might also Canada Goose sale be killed. canada goose black friday sale

Fifth, I am concerned about the problems of so called unintended consequences. play in ensuing a civil war that could develop in that country?

uk canada goose Will moderate governments in the region who have large Islamic fundamentalist populations be overthrown and replaced by extremists? uk canada goose

canada goose store Did Hillary Clinton possess the wisdom of Bernie Sanders, at a time America needed a leading Democrat to counter the neocons in Bush’s administration? canada goose store

cheap Canada Goose Clinton might be “wicked smart,” like President Obama states, but Bernie Sanders possesses wisdom. canada goose coats Wisdom and intelligence are different, and if you confuse the two, you’re stuck with an endless stream of politicians like Hillary Clinton. With Bernie Sanders, America will get someone who makes decisions based upon principle and value system, not political expediency and evolution. cheap Canada Goose

There’s a reason The Economist ran a cover with the words, “What does Hillary stand for?”

If you’ve been in the spotlight for decades, yet people don’t know what you stand for, then you might be “wicked smart,” but your intelligence doesn’t correlate to wisdom.

canada goose clearance Furthermore, if you call an Iraq Vote a mistake, then repeat the mistake by advocating the bombing of Libya, the phrase “smart power” is meaningless. As stated in The New Republic, Canada Goose online “Benghazi Won’t Canada Goose Jackets Stick to Hillary canadian goose jacket Clinton, But the Disastrous Libyan Intervention Should.” canada goose canada goose black friday sale clearance

canada goose uk black friday Also, if Hillary Clinton has been around forever, yet 59% of voters find her “not honest and trustworthy,” then her experience hasn’t correlated to effective leadership. It’s Canada Goose Parka never good to read a Washington Post headline titled Hillary Clinton’s historical problem with honesty. What’s most buy canada goose jacket cheap disturbing is Clinton’s Bosnia sniper story; it never happened. canada goose uk black friday

In contrast, Bernie Sanders is the only presidential candidate in 2016 with positive favorability ratings.

Canada Goose online While Paul Krugman and some others feel that Hillary Clinton is “ready” to govern, they fail to mention whether canada goose deals or not she’d govern wisely, or at all, if the FBI declares she jeopardized national security with her private server. In addition, while pundits earnestly debate the feasibility of social programs presented by Bernie Sanders, from free college tuition to single payer healthcare, very few observers ask how Americans would pay for Hillary Clinton’s “neocon” foreign policy. Canada Goose online

canada goose uk outlet Has Clinton learned from her Iraq War vote? canada goose clearance sale With all the tragic consequences of Iraq, Libya, and other failed policies, Clinton will still have a “neocon” foreign policy according to one leading historian quoted in The New York Times: canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Jackets “I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy,” Mr. Kagan said, adding that the next step after Mr. Obama’s more realist approach “could theoretically be whatever Hillary brings to the table” if elected president. “If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue,” he added, “it’s something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else.” Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Parka Remember, Hillary Clinton is supposed to be a Democrat, not a remnant of the Bush administration. Canada Goose Parka

uk canada goose outlet Another New York Times article titled The Next Act of the Neocons explains the type of people who’d advise a future Clinton White House: uk canada goose outlet

Even as they castigate Mr. Obama, the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver’s seat of American foreign policy.

And the thing is, these neocons have a point. Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war; supported sending arms to Syrian rebels; likened Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to Adolf Hitler;

It’s easy to imagine Mrs. Clinton’s making room for the neocons in her administration.

If you’re a Democrat, and “it’s easy to imagine” neoconservatives advising your choice for president, then you’re not truly a Democrat. You’re a Republican on foreign policy, but enjoy spreading disparaging memes on Facebook representing your viewpoint of socially backwards conservatives.

canada goose uk shop Finally, how many American politicians do you know who would drive a busload of people in need of affordable medication, into Canada? The following is a C Span transcript of Bernie Sanders describing his trip across the border in search of medication for his constituents: canada goose uk shop.


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