Garrett grilled over gambling reforms

Garrett grilled over gambling reforms


Chicago Tribune

The state Senate took action Monday to reduce the state우리카지노‘s gambling laws with bipartisan support, with several Senate Democrats pledging they would be ready to vote on changes to Illinois’ gambling laws when Gov. Bruce Rauner signs the legislation Friday. Senate President John Cullerton said that is unlikely and that the Democratic caucus has agreed to work with the Republican-led House on the legislation. The Senate took up the bill Sept. 7, adding two amendments by Sen. Jon Erpenbach that would exempt lottery tickets for minors. Rauner could sign them this week. In addition, Senate President John Cullerton said the House GOP bill is not intended to reduce Illinois’ strict gambling laws and that no compromise has been reached. But he suggested that it is too early to determine how they would impact Illinois’ $1.6 billion, three-year casino proposal. “We are going to be ready to work with the governor on amendments to change the laws on Sunday, Sept. 29, in exchange for a better deal for families,” Cullerton said. Senate Majority Leader Jim Durkin, D-Crown, said he believes Illinois lawmakers are focused on making “a better deal” for state taxpayers than reducing the state’s budget deficit. “It is not my intention to change the law of the land,” he said. As he announced the Republican bill, Cullerton said his caucus made similar commitments. “I think we’ve made some commitments,” he said. “It’s premature to make a promise to the other side on더킹카지노 anything.” Under the Senate bill, Illinois would have the highest gambling requirements fo우리카지노r adults and minors in the nation. It would have casinos only in hotels, amusement arcades, bowling alleys and sports stadiums, with casinos in hotels only. In addition, it would give the state authority to restrict gaming at public amusement parks as long as they don’t provide rooms full of kids under 18. All four of those requirements would apply to all hotels, amusement arcades and sports stadiums, as well as strip malls and amusement parks where all of those businesses make up about 45 percent of their revenue. The new bill would change the law as a matter of business from a lottery proposal to allow gaming in public amusement parks and strip malls if there is a reasonable risk of violence and/or threats against property and life. It would allow casinos to reopen for business if they find a “reasonable risk of violence and threats against property and life.” The Senate approved the gambling bill by


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