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The “reviews” on the ESRB site, however, are very concise, with many giving just the ESRB rating and any categories of potentially objectionable content contained in the game, along with information about platforms on which the game is available. In addition to giving the game’s ESRB rating, Common Sense Media reviews also give a rating based on Common Sense’s own rating system that gives a more specific age recommendation. GamerDad) writes video game (and other media) reviews and reports on the gaming industry.

How to price the company? Let’s say the stock can even get to a 0.2 price/sales ratio by the end of the year, which is still well below industry averages. With 12.6B in sale, it would put their market cap at 2.5B and share prices would be at roughly $8.50. If sales trends continue positive and margins even slightly improve, we believe that a jump in valuations will happen..

Robinson tells Nylon Guys magazine, find it embarrassing that adults are like, Swift is very talented. She not. She might be cute, but she horrible.

Surveillance is no longer limited merely to the acts of policing. Today it means collection and analysis of individual data in a variety of contexts. Not all forms of surveillance are threatening.

Christmas is over. No more distractions like holiday cookies, candies and chocolates. But just when you thought you could start your proper diet and exercising, you find that you are sabotaged, as you are every year, by the Girl Scouts. We are love. We are light. We are the embodiment of compassion, although we do not always exercise compassion.

Growth driven by strong comps and store expansion Kors has delivered outstanding earnings and revenue growth in the last couple of years. The growth has been driven by store expansion throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the Far East, and by excellent same store sales growth, which averaged 37% in the last six quarters. The company has been growing brand awareness and has taken market share from competitors, with Coach being hit the most, as evidenced in its substantial growth slowdown in the last several quarters.

Of less concern than the misanthropes may be the stalkers. Dagan notes that the same features that help users avoid people can also be used to track them. “If you want to know what’s happening with [an ex], or if you want to know who she hangs out with, it’s a thin line,” he says.


The Kors insiders have declined to offer any explanation for defying its investors’ reasonable expectation of a finite market, although there may be some good ones. The company gets a pass on this trick solely because the shares are up more than 90% since the December IPO, and projections of another 19% gain are dancing around Wall Street. At the moment, shareholders are just happy to be part of the party.


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