Second man charged over bikie son death

Second man charged over bikie son death

Three people have been charged after the biker gang’s “son” was killed in a road collision on Wednesday night.

Rudy Barrage, 18, and his alleged partner Kevin “Mike” Wilson, 19, were found to be at fault after the death of 23-year-old Michael “Chico” Villella on the Western Freeway just outside the area of the road-riding incident.

Police arrived at Barrage’s property about 1:45am after receiving an emergency call from Villella’s mother who had found her son in his underwear, police say.

When officers arrived, they allegedly discovered Villella’s body in the road.

Deputy Public Prosecutions Commissioner Wayne Rennie said investigators believed Barrage and Wilson caused the collision but Villella was in fact the victim.

Police say they have already spoken to three witnesses who saw the two men with Barrage.

Rennie said those witnesses came forward as a result of the investigation into the death.

One of those witnesses, Michael “Chico” Villella’s father, said at his home in Richmond he believes both men should be charged.

“The first guy, he was just running with his head on the ground and it’s just a terrible, horrible thing to happen,” he said.

“That’s just the sad and twisted side of the situation.”

Mr Villella said it was too early to say what the charges could be.

“I don’t think anything can be done,” he said.

“I don’t really know how to that one, but I don’t care.

“If (Barrage) gets out of jail I think I can ask for his dad to come to me, but I just want them to go to jail for murder.”

While Villella’s father was shocked by the charges, he said it was a “good shock” because Villella and his family were aware of the manhunt and wanted to get on with their lives.

“My little boy is safe and he’s now in the hands of the police. I don’t know that anything could have prepared us for what would happen,” he said.

A witness who saw the police and police cars at Barrage’s property later gave a statement to Crime Stoppers regarding the “son” investigation.

She said she heard officers calling o바카라사이트ut to Barrage’


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